This week’s exertions

I’ve been a bit lax on here with the updates as of late, though the running has continued.

Since my last post, I have completed two successful mid-week speedwork sessions. Previous posts have mentioned a need to cut two sessions short due to lack of energy and looking to combat that, I now ensure that I fuel up adequately for lunch. Carbs are the order of the day with a hearty sandwich or last night’s leftover dinner on the menu along with a cereal bar during the late afternoon and a bottle of Nectar Fuel. This strategy seems to have done the trick because on my most recent interval session at the gym, I only had half my bottle of Nectar Fuel and felt like I could have completed 2 or 3 more reps.

For my latest interval session, please take a look here courtesy of Nike+.

Recently, I also completed another long run along the canals of Birmingham. The sudden good weather has dried out much of the muddy portions of the route, allowing for much less puddle dodging. The pace was good and should be perfectly maintainable come race day, so I’m on target for a sub 1 hour 55 minute finish at this rate.

Nike+ data for this run can be found here.


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