Going longer

Today, I completed my last long, steady run in preparation for the Great Birmingham Run.

I set out to recreate the course as it will be run on the day, getting to maybe 95% accuracy ignoring the Bournville part of the race. The pace was low and slow, forcing the body to become more efficient at using stored energy rather than relying on fast burning glycogen.

My breathing never really became laboured, with me really settling into the run after 2 miles or so. Predicting a possible downpour that’s been a regular fixture for the last few Sundays, I put on my running jacket to protect me from the elements. The rain never did appear, so all that happened was my jacket became waterlogged with sweat, weighing me down. There were several other runners out on the course today, one or two elite based on their pace, and the rest like you or I.

I’m rather pleased by today’s 13.1 miles, giving the desired effect. It’s now time for the taper before race day where I reduce the mileage of each week but maintain the intensity, so Wednesdays or Thursdays will remain as my speedwork day. My long run next week will be a planned 10 miler, followed by a 6 miler the week after.

There was one problem with today’s run… I normally don’t suffer from runners’ nipple but there’s a first time for everything:

The Nike+ data for this run can be found here.


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