Share the pain to share the gain

I recently ran a 5 x 1k interval session with Mike from Kings Heath Running Club and Parkrun to give my speedwork some more structure.

Neither of us had ever done this type of interval session before, but we were both confident about its benefits, namely better 5k times. Our target race pace at the moment hovers around 4 minutes per km, or 6:25 per mile and this would the pace of each 1km split.

My Garmin 910XT has a full interval mode, so I punched in 5 reps at 4 mins/km and 5 recoveries at 1 minute each. What I didn’t realise was I had to initiate the interval mode and then press start, so we actually ran too far for our first lap. This didn’t help with the subsequent laps where I really found the effort to be quite intense, especially after a day at work.

You can see from our splits that we became progressively more fatigued with each rep. It’s generally good practice to feel like you could run one more at the target pace; I don’t think I could have done one more rep.

Mike and I have agreed to do the session again next week, so hopefully we’ll have ironed out the kinks by then.


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