This week’s running – 12th to 18th of August

Welcome to another week of running!

The week has been interspersed with more strength work and the good news is my glutes no longer ache!

Tuesday saw me head to Cannon Hill Park alone for some speedwork whilst Mike was out of town. I’ve really enjoyed (yes, I’m just that masochistic) the interval sessions with Mike and running them with somebody else seems to push the quality up. The target was 5 x 800m reps with 1:30 minute recoveries; I figured I’d need the extra recovery since I was running alone. The pace felt achievable and I was running within my limits, indicating that 1:30 minute recoveries seem to be the magic number. I decided to call it quits after 4 reps, not wishing to run myself into the ground. The workout can be seen here on Garmin Connect.

Thursday had Dave and I go out for a 10k run together after work. I really wasn’t sure where Dave was going to take us, so I simply followed as we went along the canals towards the “Walkway”, followed by half a lap of Edgbaston Reservoir and then returning via the canals. It was warm and humid which caused me to struggle somewhat. I was also tired and hungry, feeling like I had no energy which didn’t help. Our average pace was 8:20 per mile and my heart rate average seemed consistent with my recent workouts, so I don’t think I’m coming down with anything. Here’s the workout on Garmin Connect.

Saturday was Cannon Hill Parkrun. I was saving myself for a big Parkrun PB at Cardiff next week, so I set out with a goal to simply hit sub-20 minutes. The weather was slightly drizzly and I wasn’t sure how much damper it would get. I stood on the startline and went out hard for the first mile. The second mile was much harder when I couldn’t hang on to the group in front for pacing assistance, so I spent much of this lap alone which also reflects in the pacing. I spent much of the third mile alone but managed to overtake one guy with 400m left to go before crossing the line in 19:53; a joint second fastest finish time for me over 5k. Clearly, RunBritain thought it was a cracking time too because they’ve used it as my best weighted performance towards my handicap, ahead of my 19:36 finish! Here’s the Garmin data.

I watched the men’s marathon world championships where Stephen Kiprotich cemented his racing prowess. As the BBC pundits pointed out, he may not be the fastest elite marathoner in the world but he’s a true race tactician where the win is more important than a PB. He knew that he had to put as much distance between the him and Desisa, otherwise he’d possibly lose in an all out speed battle with only a few hundred metres left to go. Weaving in and out of the corners was a stroke of genius to tire his pursuer out for the win. A truly exciting race!

Finally, the week ended in Wales when I tackled the Llanhennock Hills near the farm. I decided to try the route in reverse where the first few hundred metres is a 100+ ft of hills rather than the mildly undulating road. The early hit sent my heart rate shooting right up and made the entire route much harder than running it in a clockwise manner. Take a look at the Garmin data here and pay particular attention to my heart rate!


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