This week’s running – 14th to 20th of October

Andy Yu met Mo Farah

This week was all about tapering, racing and meeting a hero of mine

Meeting Mo Farah

Andy Yu meets Mo Farah

Please excuse the dodgy photo, taken by Waterstones’ finest…

People often say not to meet your heroes because they’re often nothing like what you would hope for. I had the privilege of meeting the legend that is Mo Farah yesterday during a signing of his new book, Twin Ambitions.

The only regret I have is that I only got to spend about 2 minutes with him due to the rather large queue that had formed outside. I wished him “Eid Mubarak” in light of the religious day for him, which he appreciated. I asked him to wish me luck in my sub-90 minute attempt at the Great Birmingham Run on Sunday, and he told me “You’re gonna run 1:29”, which I’ll use as my mantra on the day. He signed my book and I had a rushed photo with him and that was it. All very brief but an incredible experience to speak to an athlete of such calibre.

I’ve yet to start reading his book, wanting to set aside a good block of time when I can really savour it.

Tuesday 5 miles

After my encounter with Mo, I felt inspired to go out for a longer run than I would normally do on a Tuesday. Conscious that I had a half marathon to run at the end of the week, I wanted to keep the distance and the pace under control so that my week would get progressively easier.

It was also pretty cold so I slipped into my running tights and compression shirt again. I’m currently hovering around 11% body fat, which is great for racing but I seem to be feeling the cold a little too easily. It may just be me not having acclimatised to the lower temperatures yet after our warm summer, but I do seem to be struggling.

The run was decent, but I did feel lightheaded again going into the 3rd mile – thankfully I’d anticipated this so I slurped down my Isogel.

I had laced up my orange Flyknit Racers as well, which appear to be on their last legs. The cushioning wasn’t what it used to be and I’m questioning the integrity of the upper now that they’ve covered more than 250 miles; most racing flats don’t survive to 300 miles.

Due to heavy traffic, I had to take a detour off the Hagley Road on my return which shortened the initial 6 mile target to just 5.6 miles.

The Garmin data can be found here.

Cannon Hill Parkrun

Suz West of Bournville Harriers was in the mood for a PB attempt at Cannon Hill Parkrun so I volunteered my pacing services. Not wanting to go all out the day before a half marathon, my target race pace synced up quite nicely with Suz’s 21:30 target finish.

We churned out an ambitiously fast first mile but the pace dropped in mile 2 and 3 for a finish that was just a few seconds off a new PB.

Take a look at the Garmin data here.

The Great Birmingham Run

Click here to read the full Great Birmingham Run 2013 review.


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