This week’s running – 4th to 10th of November

The return of the dreadmill

If you can smile like this on a treadmill, then you ain’t running fast enough!

This week was a bit of a weird place for me and I’m not sure I like where I am!

6 x Jewellery Quarter hill reps

Tuesdays have traditionally been my faster paced day of the week. With no daylight left when I run in the evenings now, I have resorted to running up and down a nearby 400m hill for some speed and strength work.

I’ve yet to find the number of reps that seems to be the magic number. Looking back at an average 800m rep speedwork sesh from the summer, I would typically run 4 of these so I should theoretically run 8 x hill reps for a similar effect. Just 2 x more reps to go then…

Take a look at the Garmin data here.

Treadmill 5k

I have a terrible relationship with treadmills. Several years ago, I used to run exclusively on treadmills as part of a major gym addiction I had. People typically cite it’s easier to run on a treadmill but for me, something must be going horribly wrong because I always feel like it’s much harder to produce the same effort compared to outdoors.

Wanting to try and remedy my lack of speedwork and predicting another bad winter, I reluctantly re-joined The Gym in Birmingham City Centre. It’s an awful gym in case you were wondering, but it is cheap at only £15.99 a month with no contract. I can’t justify spending any more than that if I’m only going to be visiting once or twice a week for a bash on the treadmill.

I fired up the treadmill at a speed equivalent to running outdoors, so 12.5kmph which is roughly 8 minute miles for me. I set the incline to a 1% gradient, factoring in the lack of wind resistance and the belt pulling rather than you pushing off. I started off well but the effort I was putting in was far too high for the speed I was actually running at, with my heart rate showing an average of 78% of max. I had to call it quits at 5k, not having the mental strength to keep going for another 5k.

My plan for 800m reps is to fire the treadmill up to 15kmph and set my Garmin to do the counting, with a loud beep once 800m is up. Then, I’ll step off the treadmill for 90 seconds of recovery and then back on again.

The Garmin data can be found here.

7 Llanhennock hill miles

Since we were in Wales at the weekend, I laced my shoes up and went for a 7 mile run around the Llanhennock hills. This has always been a challenging run but I was shocked at how difficult it felt out there despite near perfect conditions. I last ran the route over 4 minutes faster with a similar heart rate so I’ve either lost fitness or I haven’t fully recovered from my autumn races.

Here’s the Garmin data.

Closing thoughts

I’ve not been running like my usual self since finishing the Cardiff Half Marathon. I accept that I’m in between training cycles at the moment, recovering from racing and not yet embarking on marathon training, but historically, I’ve always been right as rain again after only a few days.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m back to regular sub-20 minute Parkruns!


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