This week’s running – 7th to 10th of April

It's the final countdown!

Has there ever been a more appropriate theme song?

It’s the final countdown to the 2014 London Marathon so this week is purposely short. Wish me luck and I’ll see you guys on the other side of the London Marathon finish line!

Solo Cannon Hill Parkrun

After spending most of my day up north in Huddersfield (including running up the steepest 50m hill I’ve ever seen!), I made my way over to Cannon Hill Park after returning to Brum for a solo Parkrun. The plan was to run the first mile easy and then speed up to marathon pace for the final 2 miles.

It was a slightly chilly evening and I had foolishly packed a vest rather than a t-shirt. On my second lap of the park, some of Kings Heath Running Club’s members were out en masse and covering a portion of the Parkrun route.

Marathon pace felt pretty good and gave me some confidence that I am ready for this Sunday.

Here’s the Garmin data for this run. is moving up in the world

I was contacted recently by Cision, a company that specialises in social online trends including blogging, and imagine my delight when they asked if they could include this very blog in their Top 10 London Marathon running blogs! I’m joined by some esteemed run-bloggers like Lazy Girl Running – one of the big names out there that’s also been interviewed by Marathon Talk.

A few folks have asked me why I blog about my running. Well, there are a few reasons.

First of all, it’s now become a running diary of sorts where I can log my runs; look back at what I did previously and so on. I find this blog is also a good place to consolidate my thoughts and comments that are too detailed to throw into Garmin Connect.

The second reason is I actually quite like writing. I don’t claim to be a better writer than I am a runner, but I am of the creative persuasion and it’s a way for me to bring a small amount of craft to running. I’ve blogged under several different guises over the years, including a personal life blog and also a photography blog, but RunToWin seems to be the only one that’s garnered any real following (over 12,000 visits in 2 years is pretty good, right?).

The third reason is it’s a way to share my running thoughts with fellow runners, friends and family. Feedback has been positive about this blog and I get messages from people asking me where the updates are if they don’t appear in a timely manner! For the record, expect to see the weekly update from Sunday through to Tuesday. Any race reviews will generally follow on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Two of my previous posts have racked up a huge number of visits for me: how I felt the runBritain handicap ranking system worked and my review of the Nike Flyknit Racer for runners. I noticed a distinct lack of information on how runBritain’s handicap ranking system behaved and so I put together a piece on how I believed it to work. I was by no means trying to be an authority on the matter, but rather offering my take on an algorithm that is otherwise shrouded in mystery.  It was a similar reason behind why I wrote my review of the Flyknit Racer shoes – there simply weren’t any good in-depth reviews out there!

Another solo Cannon Hill Parkrun

Dropping off a company car at my parents’, I popped into Cannon Hill Park to complete another solo Parkrun with a portion at marathon pace.

This was much tougher than on Tuesday for some reason with my legs feeling heavy. This is apparently quite normal for a marathon taper so I’ve just got to believe in my training…

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

I told you this week would be short because we’re already at the next entry from Mark Remy’s The Runner’s Rule Book:

Just run around the block

On days you don’t feel like running at all, tell yourself you’ll just jog around the block. Then go do it. Nine times out of 10, those few minutes of movement will be enough to kick you into gear, and you’ll want to keep going.

And that one time out of 10? Hey, at least you’ve run one block. Which is one block more than most folks will run that day.


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