This week’s running – 21st to 27th of April

No running for Andy

Not much running again this week…

This week was much like last week – not much running happened!

5k around Edgbaston Reservoir 

I had promised myself that I would take some time off from intensive running to allow time for my body and mind to recover.

The weather wasn’t bad on Tuesday and so I decided to head over to Edgbaston Reservoir for a slightly faster paced run. It felt good to be getting some decent leg turnover going after so many months of slower marathon plodding.

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

Newport Parkrun

Due to a stag do I was attending later on Saturday (only 90 minutes later in fact!), I found myself at Newport Parkrun again, much like the week before.

I met up with Nigel to try and help pace back to PB shape, slowly chipping away at the target. Some heavy showers had hit the nation to soften the ground up; I did find the terrain slightly too firm the week before, though this did mean better energy return.

Once we were actually running, I did find myself working somewhat harder than last week to hit target pace. I was running with a cold and I’d had a tough week at work, but I was still running well within myself so it was odd that I was struggling at all.

We were actually slightly ahead compared to last week but the final straight was plagued by a strong headwind, which was like running straight into a brick wall and cue a finish time that was slower by just 2 seconds! Oh well, better luck next time!

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

And here’s the weekly fix from Mark Remy’s The Runner’s Rule Book:

Running at night is underrated

If beach running is way less than it’s cracked up to be, night time running is way more.

First of all, it’s not that dangerous if you do it right. In fact, given the heightened sensitivity most night-runners have to potential hazards – and the reflective gear and lights they’re wearing (or should be) – running at night might actually be safe than its day-time equivalent.

Plus, there’s something about running through the dark, along your own narrow path of light, that makes you feel a little bit like you’re gliding, whatever your speed. Which is a pretty cool feeling. There’s also that peace and stillness that only comes with darkness.

Of course, this assumes that you are, in fact, wearing reflective gear and lights. (Headlamps are best, if you ask me.) And that you’re not hitting the roads around 2am, when all the bars close.

It also assumes you didn’t just leave one of the aforementioned bars.


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