This week’s running – 12th to 18th of May

This week was all about running fast

Run fast or run home! Wait, that doesn’t make any sense…

This week had me putting myself firmly back into structured training.

4x 800m reps at Edgbaston Reservoir

I wanted to change up the scenery on my interval session so I headed over to Edgbaston Reservoir. Whilst the ground is a little uneven and could even sometimes be classed as off-road, I did focus most of each rep along the straight bit of wall that really helped with pace management.

The session was fantastic, leaving me trashed but not entirely. The summer of speed is firmly on its way.

Here’s the Garmin data for this session.

10k around Cannon Hill Park

Whilst Broad Street and Hagley Road are convenient for when I’m looking to conquer 10k, the uphill portion does make the body work harder than it really needs to on the out and then it’s slightly downhill for the return.

Because I had a car from work, I decided to venture over to Cannon Hill for 2x runs of the Cannon Hill Parkrun course. There were a few souls in the park but largely, it was dead and proved to be a rather peaceful environment.

I ran almost exclusively to how my body felt and inadvertently royal flushed, with each subsequent mile slightly (or a lot) faster than the last. I felt fantastic at the end and it was nice to stretch the legs and cover some distance during the week again.

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

Cardiff Parkrun

It felt like absolutely ages since I last attended Cardiff Parkrun, favouring Newport due to convenience. For out and out speed though, Cardiff cannot be beaten. Cannon Hill doesn’t look it’s likely to revert back to its classic flat and fast finish, so that leaves few other events near or convenient to us.

I originally planned to run at around 6:40 to 6:45 pace per mile to try and prep my body for the Race for Wlidlife 10k. It’s a strategy that’s worked well for me in the past; almost like a temporary dose of overload which then shocks the body into feeling more at home with the pace the next day. Anyway, I decided to throw caution to the wind and wanted to go for sub-20 instead.

I had a quick catch-up with Daniel Luffman who’s been happily smashing sub-20 for months and managed to PB recently with 19:23.

The start proved chaotic as always with too many runners. On the word, “go”, some of the frontrunners seemed to pick up a temporary bout of deafness and people started to running into each other. The first km clocked in a little faster than I would have liked, but cést la vie. The next 3km subsequently clocked in a little slower than I would have liked. Looking at my Garmin, it was dicey whether I would finish in under 20 minutes or not, so I kicked it up a gear and started chasing runners down. Reaching the finish, I stopped with 19:50/51, so mission accomplished. I felt pretty fresh too which shows I have a little more capacity available to push a little harder.

Oh, and here’s what happened when Hitler tried to create an alternative to Parkrun (and I disagree with Danny Norman!).

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

The Race for Wildlife 10k

For my review on the 2014 Race for Wildlife 10k, please click here.

And before further ado, here’s this week’s entry from Mark Remy’s The Runner’s Rule Book:

No tweeting, texting, or typing

It’s unfortunate that we even need to address this here, but apparently we do. As this book is being edited, a jogger in the United Kingdom literally ran into a tree… while sending a “tweet” on his Blackberry. He got a black eye and a bruised ego.

I know, I know. I got a good laugh out of it, too. But there’s a serious lesson here.

If you want to carry a cell phone or something while you run, for emergencies, that’s perfectly fine.

If you want to use that cell phone or something while you run, that is not.

End of lesson!

No tweeting, texting, or typing whilst running


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