This week’s running – 15th to 21st of December 2014

40 miles this week

BOOM! In December too!

This week was big. 40 miles big. And there’s not even a marathon on the horizon!

Six day run week

After weeks of trying, I finally made six runs a week happen for me, thanks to relatively clear work and personal calendars.

Monday was an easy 5k recovery run. Click here for the Garmin data.

Tuesday finally saw me get to The Vale for 2 miles at half marathon pace (along with hitting the wall on the way home). Click here for the Garmin data.

Wednesday was my run-commute from the office. Click here for the Garmin data.

Thursday was 7 miles to Bearwood and back. Click here for the Garmin data.

Friday was a day of rest.

Saturday was Cannon Hill Parkrun. Click here for the Garmin data.

Sunday was a 14 mile long run. Click here for the Garmin data.

Why the push to increase my number of runs per week? Total volume. I am nowhere near my limit for volume and therefore running more should still equal improved performance for the time being. My total weekly mileage normally hovers anywhere between high-20s to low-30s; modest numbers that could be pushed higher. As I said a few weeks ago, this off-season is being used for experimentation and I wanted to see how much mileage I could accumulate without dramatically more effort.

Turns out there wasn’t much change required, with only minor tweaks here and there apart from the additional weekday run. I was cursing when I saw my total add up to 39.6 miles; off back outside I went for a gentle 0.5 mile jog to bring it all together for the 40 mile week.

Wishing you a merry Christmas

Ironically for my biggest week of mileage, I don’t actually have an awful lot to say. I’m saving things up for a horribly clichéd end of year review.

I intend to run at Cardiff Parkrun on Christmas morning to try and snatch a cheeky PB and possibly the last for 2014. I will also be double running on New Year’s Day at both Brueton Parkrun and Cannon Hill Parkrun.

Whatever your plans, I hope you all have a great Christmas and get a geeky running gift or two under the tree – I know I’m hopeful!

And for the penultimate time this year, an entry from Mark Remy’s The Runner’s Rule Book:

Bib numbers go on the front

Not on your butt or on the back of your shirt. On the front. Otherwise, you’ll look like a bandit to every official who sees you coming.

Worse, how will the race photographers identify you? How?!


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