This week’s running – 9th to 15th of March 2015

It's time to burn rubber!

<Insert Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”>

The week was all about preparing to burn rubber at the Silverstone circuit.

5k with strides

Work was and still is mega busy at the moment. It’s difficult to say whether my training has suffered or not, but what is certain is the hit it has taken on my energy levels on a day-to-day basis. As a result, I made this particular taper week a little more extreme than usual in a bid to try and perk myself up.

A dull ache also presented itself to the ball of my left foot. This came and went as it pleased, but crucially disappeared entirely when I was fully warmed up and running.

This 5k with a few strides thrown in here and there was all I wanted to do to get the legs moving and turning over without impacting the taper. Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

5k from work

Besides the Silverstone Half Marathon, the only distance I ran this particular week was 5k!

Silverstone Half Marathon 2015 review

Click here for my full run-down of how the 2015 Silverstone Half Marathon went for me.

And here’s this week’s slot from Mark Remy’s The Runner’s Rule Book:

“Lookin’ good”… And 10 other lies runners tell each other

Lying is not something we endorse under normal circumstances. But racing is not normal. This is why it’s perfectly acceptable – admirable, even – to tell a fellow runner that he is looking good at mile 19 of a marathon when, in fact, he looks like an insomniac zombie who’s trying to sneeze but can’t, and is confused because someone has apparently switched his normal running shoes with exact replicas made of concrete.

In cases like this, by all means, lie.

The “go-to” lie in these situations is that old standby, “Lookin’ good!” Variations include: “You look great!”… “Lookin’ smooth!” and the hybrid “You’re lookin’ great!” Then there’s the cruellest lie of all: “You’re almost there!” (In a marathon, you may hear this one as early as mile 7.)

These lies are all well and good. In fact, a race wouldn’t be a race without them. But if you’d like to try something more original, try one of these.

  • “You look so smooth, I suspect someone has sprayed your joints with PAM™ cooking spray!” (Yes, you must include ™ when you say this.)
  • “I am tempted to alert a race official because I could swear that you just walked onto the course, rather than starting with those around you. That is how fresh you look!”
  • “If I weren’t so awed by the apparent ease with which you’re navigating this course, I might be angry with you for nearly knocking me unconscious… with your very awesomeness!”
  • “From just the right angle, I’m fairly certain I can detect an actual, visible aura of strength and fluidity surrounding you like a halo! Continue running so that others may bask in it!”
  • “Go in grace, you lithesome creature of God! Your very presence elevates this road race to levels sublime!”

And if you just cannot bring yourself to lie, there are always these truth-neutral chestnuts: “Keep it up!” and “Wo-o-o-o-o-o-o!

Truth, fiction, or neutral, the key is to say something. Even a zombie appreciates a note of encouragement.


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