This week’s running – 8th to 14th of June 2015

Two Castles Run 2015 warm-up

No, I didn’t participate in the mass warm-up! Photo by Leamington Observer

This week was all about getting primed to race again.

8 canal miles

Taking two complete rest days over Sunday and Monday seemed to do the trick. I felt fresher than of late and was ready to head out and hit the canals.

Something was occurring at the NIA, so I chose to run out towards Smethwick and back for a bit of quiet time. Funnily enough, I had only just returned from work from that very direction… There was a spring in my step and leg turnover that was both odd but pleasant to experience; my form was poised and I felt unstoppable.

Hitting the switchback, everything suddenly fell apart when a ferocious headwind hit. I remained aerobic, but I’m sure if I had worn my heart rate monitor, an upward spike would have appeared for the second half.

Here’s the Garmin data for the run. Unusually, Strava has interpreted the paces per mile differently.

5k from work

Sadly, writing this entry up almost a week later means I’ve largely forgotten how this run went. Garmin Connect offers the only clue of a royal flush, so it can’t have been that bad…

Canal 10k

What a shocker of a run this was. I headed out on the usual stretch of canal out towards Bournville; before I’d even left Brindley Place, somebody had barged me into the wall of the tunnel to scrape up my shoulder pretty badly. There was plenty of blood and the sweat made the raw flesh sting like a mofo.

I decided to continue with my run instead of calling it quits, but things didn’t get any better. I struggled to hang on to the pace in the second half due to under-fuelling again. I just can’t seem to fuel up adequately at the moment, where it’s always a balancing act of eating enough for performance but also to maintain weight.

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

What? No Parkrun?!

In a bid to freshen up as quickly as possible, I opted to not even put my name forward to volunteer at Parkrun. It was dreadful weather-wise, so I was quite glad to give it a miss in exchange for a much needed lie-in.

Two Castles Run 10k 2015

Find out how the Two Castles Run went for me by clicking here.

And for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here’s this week’s entry from Mark Remy’s The Runner’s Rule Book:

Be cordial with your rivals

Did you shadow another runner in the final stretch of your race, or vice versa? Perhaps pushing each other to go a bit faster or out-and-out fighting to be first to the line? Good for you. (Both of you!) This competitive give-and-take is one of the best parts of racing.

Once you’ve crossed the line, a gracious gesture is always appropriate. Offer a kind word, an open hand, or pat on the back to anyone who was with you in those closing minutes of your race. Whether you egged each other on verbally, or wordlessly coaxed a bit more kick out of each other, you’ve just shared a bit of sportsmanship that deserves to be noted.

Hugs and kisses? Maybe not – unless your rival is also a spouse or significant other. Or European. Or both.

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