This week’s running – 6th to 12th of July 2015

Not much in common between Hollywood USA and Hollywood UK

Not much in common between Hollywood in the USA and Hollywood in the UK

This week was all about gearing up for the Wythall Hollywood 10k.

5k from work

It’s not often I praise a headwind for being present, but it was most certainly welcome given how humid it was outdoors.

Any of you ever see strange things when out for a run? I ran past a guy sat on a bench wearing a Venetian style mask with a baseball bat in his hands – I kid you not!

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

5x 800m at 5k pace

After Saturday’s stellar track session, I was well and truly fired up for this. Problem was a raging headwind would hit me on the final 400m of each out rep, with little to no benefit on the return rep…

Even without the force of nature against me, it was noticeable how much more effort was required to run 800m at Edgbaston Reservoir versus the track; the former always made me feel much closer to my limit than the latter.

Pretty happy with the splits, but I do feel they could have been more precise.

I have one more 5x 800m session planned for next week and then it’s go-time at Wolverhampton Parkrun!

Here’s the Garmin data for the session.

5k from work

The 5x 800m sesh really did a number on me and as such, this recovery run was purposely slower than normal. Thankfully the 17mph gusts of wind were behind me, too!

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

7 miles – Hagley Road

I really didn’t fancy heading onto the canal towpath. I was warm, lethargic and figured the droves of fair-weather folks would only annoy me further. Instead, I opted to head out to Bearwood and back via Broad Street and Hagley Road.

The last time I recall running this route was waaay back in April sometime. I purposely kept the out portion easy and I saw little point in pushing the pace until I began to perk up.

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

Cannon Hill Parkrun

Channelling my inner The Fonz

Channelling my inner-Fonz – photo by Geoff Hughes

With a race the day afterwards, I wanted to stay fairly conservative and decided upon the first 4k at sub-20 pace and then would ramp things up in the final km if I felt good.

It had been almost three weeks since the last time I had run at Cannon Hill, and only my third outing on the revised course. It really was good to catch-up with various folks – I think it was April since I last saw Jeremy for instance. Humorously, both Simon and Dunsby were wearing vests after ridiculing me for most of the year for seemingly only wearing vests come rain or shine.

Lis and I also learned that around 80 or so folks didn’t get the memo that there was no Parkrun at Cannon Hill last week and turned up anyway. Jeremy could be forgiven because he hadn’t attended in months, but there were apparently regulars who were present only the week prior who mistakenly showed up!

Also, Lis and I had plenty of folks asking if we had gotten married yet. As of today when this entry goes live (Sunday 12th of July), there are exactly four weeks to go, so there you have it, chaps and chapesses!

I opted not to run 300m at 5k pace, deciding that the first 4k of the run would ease me in.

Once in the run, I stuck with Nigel and Alex for much of the first half. The lack of 300m warm-up hit me and it took at least 2k for me to get comfortable with the 3:59/km pace. Once warmed-up, I started encouraging folks around me including a kid that always seems to go out hard at faster than sub-20 pace, but fades dramatically in the middle.

Exiting the triangle, I began ramping the pace up and surged pretty much to the end. I surprised myself with a 19:28 and then started to worry about the Wythall Hollywood 10k the following day. Oops… Here’s the Garmin data for the run.

Orlando Corea, Andy Yu and Steven Dunsby at Cannon Hill Parkrun

Only time I’ll ever find myself running alongside these two speedsters! Photo by Geoff Hughes

Post-run, Dunsby introduced me to the Orlando Corea. Over the years, I’ve seen his name in various results but had no idea who he actually was. And Cannon Hill Parkrun is kinda like that, where I recognise so many people by face but have no clue what their names are unless I’ve found myself next to them in the results etc.

Unfortunately, there were no results to be had due to a timing failure and instead, everybody was issued a 59:59 finish by default. Gutting for anybody that put themselves on the line to run a PB that morning. Hope there are no technical failures at Wolverhampton Parkrun next week when I go for a 5k PB attempt… *Gulp*

Wythall Hollywood 10k

For the full write-up, please click here.

Onwards to this week’s entry from Mark Remy’s The Runner’s Rule Book that I’m sure many of us can relate to:

Race photos never look good

Ridiculously photogenic guy meme

(Unless you’re the guy from the ridiculously photogenic guy meme from a few years ago!)

And I mean never.

Bradd Pitt could show up at the start of a marathon completely rested, tanned, toned, massaged, hydrated, and professionally styled, and by the time the race photographer snapped him at mile 13, he would… well, he would probably look pretty good. He is Brad Pitt, after all.

But the photos of Brad Pitt, when he finally saw them, would look horrible. In the photos, Brad would look like a badly dehydrated Quasimodo having a seizure. This is the magic of race photography. If the folks who sold race photos were smart, they’d charge people not to send prints of their pics.

That said, should you order some of these race photos anyway? Absolutely. And the bigger, the better.

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