This week’s running – 31st of August to 6th of September 2015

Cardiff 10k 2015

Start of the 2015 Cardiff 10k – photo by Cardiff 10k

(A little later than usual – sorry!)

This week was all about gearing up for the Cardiff 10k.

10k fartlek

With a few weeks of quality and endurance missing from my training diary, I was fully expecting this fartlek session to sting like a mofo. And the first two stretches of speed most certainly did. But then once I’d warmed up into the session, I unusually felt like somebody had pressed a button to free up a whole bunch of resources for me. I was on fire and feeling fantastic! My form felt strong and the recoveries were spot on almost every time.

With the way I was the previous week after a two week lay-off, I was almost entirely convinced to treat the Cardiff 10k as a fast training run; this gave me the confidence to approach the race with all guns blazing.

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

5k from work

Two out of the ordinary remarks about this staple run from the office. The first was a group of three out on a fartlek run; they would catch me with each burst of speed, and then they would stop right in my path! I threw in a couple of minutes of faster pace and finally broke free of them. This was only supposed to be an easy recovery run…

The other oddity about this run was the speed of it, with Strava recognising it as my fastest from work by some 50 seconds. I hoped the upward momentum would continue through to Sunday’s race.

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

8 canal miles

Royal flush! Whilst the first half of this run didn’t feel all that great, I was able to fully warm up for the return leg to make it progressive.

Unexpectedly, I felt rather fresh at the end of the run, even with the climb on Newhall Hill to contend with. This left me in good spirits regarding Sunday’s race.

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

Newport Parkrun (not!)

It’s incredibly rare that I back-off from a Parkrun if I’ve decided to attend one. A couple of recent late nights had taken their toll on me and I was in serious need of a lie-in come Saturday morning, so my Newport Parkrun appearance was cancelled. Had I have gone along, I would have taken the first 4km easy and then blasted the final km to prep myself for the Cardiff 10k 24 hours later. In hindsight, I do now wonder whether I should have gone to Newport Parkrun afterall…

Cardiff 10k

For the full write-up of the 2015 race, please click here.

Not many more of these entries left from Mark Remy’s The Runner’s Rule Book (these have been going for nearly two years!):

Call them running shoes

They aren’t sneakers or tennis shoes or kicks or trainers (sorry, Brits). They are running shoes. So call them that.


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