This week’s running – 15th to 20th of February 2016


Relatively speaking!

Not a particularly exciting week, I’m afraid, and it’s one day shorter than normal due to heading out to Germany with work…

5k from work

The combination of a hard Parkrun and the 14 miles over the previous 48 hours had left me rather stiff, particularly in my hips. Lots of heavy lifting at work did nothing to help with my upper body mobility, either, to leave me creaking all over on this recovery run home.

Here’s the Garmin data.

4 canal miles

This particular week was always scheduled as some cut-back time, hence this much shorter than normal canal run. Not wanting to be completely devoid of speed, I threw in a number of strides that lasted no more than 10 seconds.

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

5k from work

Yuck. It rained for most of the day and just before I was due to head home, the heavens opened up for a heavy downpour. With several dry days prior, the 1.5 mile unpaved stretch was actually rather pleasant to cover; all that firm, dry ground was completely undone in a matter of hours.

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

The Sports Gene: What makes the perfect athlete


Disappointing and I personally found this quite difficult to read

I had high hopes for this book and sadly, it missed the mark. I was expecting a bit more of the science behind what makes a great athlete, though it only dabbles and is instead mostly made up of anecdotal stories. Some may prefer it that way, but I wanted something more technical with perhaps just a few anecdotes to support the theories.

It does explore the idea that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something, along with the notions of nature versus nurture. The conclusion was somewhat inconclusive, apart from the somewhat obvious statement that a talented athlete in the right environment will thrive.

A so-so 3/5 from me…

Cannon Hill Parkrun

With me off to Germany on Sunday for a couple of days, I wanted to prioritise one last long-ish run before I headed out, so to allow for that, I opted to volunteer at Cannon Hill. I’m just nine more volunteer slots away from a new purple t-shirt, though I’ve promised myself I won’t go out of my way beyond the five or so occasions each year; by my calculations, I’ll probably pick-up my 250 t-shirt at around the same time…

Walking over to the bandstand with Steve Dunsby, we joked that I would end up marshalling the complex junction over the bridge. Well, you’ll never guess where I ended up…

The first lap was easy as pie, with runners only needing to turn left back towards the bandstand.

The second lap was when things began to get tricky! Rob Foster led the way on his bike with Will Richardson in tow. Problem was the runners in second, third and fourth were a good minute or so behind; the second place chap at the time had no idea where he was supposed to be going, and clearly didn’t see the cones laid out on the ground. He took my instructions of “keep right” a little too literally and began heading into the car park at one stage, before we called him back; he then began to head into the wooded section, needing to be called back once more to finally be put back on course!

It doesn’t end there… As Rob Foster led Will Richardson back towards the MAC, there were runners covering the entire width of the path and needed reminding to keep right to allow Will and others to come through. Most obeyed my instructions of “keep right”, but a few were on another planet and ignored my pleas until more runners came through on the other side. “OK! We get it!” one runner retorted to me in an annoyed manner; he may well “get it”, but many of those behind him sure didn’t! We’re just volunteers doing our part and could do without the agro *sigh*.

10 canal miles

With the cutback week still in flow, I knew I only wanted to cover 10 miles or so with some sections at marathon pace to stop the run becoming too ploddy.

Mistake number 1: I was overdressed. I wore a long-sleeve compression top, not realising it was actually 11 degrees outdoors. The faster paced marathon miles weren’t all that comfortable whilst I overheated…

Mistake number 2: Brindley Place on a Saturday afternoon, even in drizzly conditions, is heaving. Thankfully, I was either warming up or cooling down as I ran through, so not mission critical at all that I had an unimpeded path.

Here’s the Garmin data for this run.

I plan to get a few easy paced runs in whilst I’m in Düsseldorf next week – let’s hope I don’t do a Peterborough and turn a 6 mile run into a 10 mile one by getting lost!

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