This week’s running – 28th of March to 3rd of April 2016


So, which burns more calories? Running or moving house?

Not all that much running last week due to the need to move house…

Moving house and running are not compatible

Your eyes do not deceive you; there was no weekly blog update to cover the 21st to 27th of March apart from my World Half Marathon Championships review. Aside from the race, I only did two maintenance runs that particular week to keep things ticking over, so nothing really interesting of note.

With the task of moving house, running had to take a back seat and I imagine it will be a few weeks yet before normal service resumes. We’re pretty much all moved in now, bar a smattering of belongings that are still in the Jewellery Quarter.

The longer commute from Smethwick to Kings Heath has meant I’ve had to re-think how I fit certain runs in. For recovery runs, I’ll be dressed to run and simply travel into the city centre via the Metro and will then begin my run-commute. For my longer 10 mile runs on Thursdays, I plan to run-commute straight from the office via the canal towpaths all the way home; plotting the route measures it at a touch under 10 miles, so I can always scratch around for some additional distance at the end to bulk it out. Now that we’re entering warmer climes, run-commuting will be a doddle; it’s the winter that I anticipate to be a problem with the juggling of coats etc, but that’s almost a world away right now.

As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, I will now be providing Strava data instead of Garmin data for my runs; those of you I’m already connected to via Garmin Connect will still be able to view the data.

Cannon Hill Parkrun

Come Saturday’s Parkrun, I had not run for an entire week for the longest break from running in several years. In fact, I ran more frequently on my honeymoon! I was curious to see how I would fare, especially with no training in the higher gears for nearly two weeks.

Attendance was noticeably light on the sharper end, due to an event later that afternoon that took away many of the regular club runners.

As anticipated, I lacked sharpness. My lungs couldn’t provide enough oxygen quickly enough to fuel the intensity; for a complete contrast, my legs felt incredibly fresh from one week’s break and could have continued at that pace for much longer. I ended up pacing the young lad from Sparkhill Harriers to his second fastest 5k. Dave, despite declaring he was going to take things easy, managed to squeeze out a cheeky sub-19 by a couple of seconds!

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

12 miles – to Shirley and back

Moving house means new routes to explore, without hopefully getting too lost!

The target was to cover 10, maybe 11 miles to serve as my long run, so I decided to head out towards Shirley via the A34 and A4040, with the knowledge that it would be incredibly flat, bar a hill on Brook Lane.

My body was creaking from all the heavy lifting and crouching of the days prior, so it was good to finally let my legs stretch out at a sedate, steady pace.

I took detours to run around both Swanshurst and Shirley Park, which messed up the total distance I’d covered in my head to have me running almost a half marathon before I finished! I’ve never been somebody that’s needed interesting or picturesque surroundings to accompany my runs, but I can’t deny the change of scenery provided some good mental stimulation from the familiar canal towpaths I favour.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.


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