This week’s running – 1st to 7th of August 2016


Orange at Perry Hall Parkrun for Darren – photo by Lis Yu

Week 13 of the 22 week marathon schedule.

6 miles recovery

When originally planning out my schedule, I remember shuffling this particular week around to give the mid-week long run joint priority with Sunday’s marathon paced run. 6 miles of recovery either side ensured enough volume to succeed without making things too easy.

Continuing the trend of topsy-turvy weather, the humidity was pretty damn high and I recall being drenched in sweat upon finishing the 6 miles at what was just a relaxed pace.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

14 miles

If my memory doesn’t deceive me, this became the longest run I’d ever embarked upon outside of a weekend. A bit tired and a bit sleep deprived from work, I knew I was going to be in for a rough ride. Throw in fatigue from Sunday’s 10k race, strong wind in all directions and 80% humidity, and I was certain I’d made the right choice to take the day off from work to complete the run!

Nothing clicked into place at all, with the above being joined by an annoying stitch that persisted for much of the first half. I chalked it up as character building for the second half of a marathon when the race truly begins.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

6 miles recovery

An exact repeat of Tuesday’s recovery run with unfortunately similar conditions and a horde of cricket fans heading towards me from the Edgbaston ground…

This run did highlight my attention to remaining in-tune with my body. Starting out from New Street Station, I felt pretty good but I grew more lethargic and hungry as the run progressed. I reached a pretty low point at mile 3 in Cannon Hill Park; out of nowhere during mile 4, I began to perk up and by mile 5, I felt like I was on top of the world again. I’m fully expecting to have highs and lows during the Yorkshire Marathon and will have to somehow balance my desire to finish with the best result possible and simply finishing at all…

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

Perry Hall Parkrun

This was a very special event, dedicated to the memory of Darren Hale – Perry Hall’s first ever finisher. Runners were requested to wear orange to reflect his membership of the Cannon Hill Crusader team.

I had previously only ever run the Perry Hall course whilst it was in poor shape from winter, so it was a novelty to tackle it in warm and dry conditions! “Definitely a summer course,” was a regular’s thought. Darryll and I managed to bag sub-20s, whilst Dave, Carl and Simon took things easier.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

It was great to be there celebrating a talented runner’s life. RIP Darren.

16 miles with 12 at marathon pace plus up to 30 seconds

Perusing the weather report in the lead up to Sunday, my anxiety grew each time I saw the forecasted 15mph wind and amped up temperatures. Marathon pace wasn’t going to come to me without a fight!

In the end, I had to on occasion add 30 seconds to marathon pace, with it tending to sit steady with around 15 seconds on top. Just a handful of times, I managed to hit target pace when not running into the ferocious wind. Not really what I’d hoped for, but at least the effort felt about right, so no major loss.

Summer training is more pleasant they said… Will make you stronger for your autumn marathon they said…

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

The road to the Yorkshire Marathon

An unusual week, though we didn’t want to end up getting stale now!

The 14 mile mid-week run left me pretty beaten up and feeling especially like how the second half of a marathon feels. Being the 13th week, it’s sort of like that point in a race where it begins to feel a touch overwhelming; you’re no longer as fresh as you were when originally embarking on the plan, and you’re still some way from the end to make things mentally challenging.


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