This week’s running – 24th to 30th of October 2016


I’m still not quite all there it would seem…

Well that was an unexpected week of just a single run!

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should…

So, after last week’s 5k and 10 miles on consecutive days, my body rebelled and decided it wasn’t quite ready to return to normal training post-marathon. Come Monday, I was incredibly lethargic and felt like I had the early stages of a cold coming on. Tuesday was no better and whilst I’d packed my kit for a run from the office, I decided to listen to the warning signs on show and ducked out. Several days later, my resting heart rate was still elevated at 51bpm from the 45 to 48 I normally see, convincing me to perhaps re-evaluate taking a run on to the end of the week.

10 miles around local parks

Whilst my resting heart still sat relatively high, the rest of me felt ready to chase after 10 miles.

I took a leaf out of Dave Burton’s book of route planning to send me on a tour of several of the local parks to me (Swanshurst, Highbury, Cannon Hill and Kings Heath). Whilst things started off well enough, based on the additional scenery stimulation on offer, I did feel the distance I covered was greatly at odds with how far I actually ran.

Though my cardiovascular system seemed to hold up quite well, my strength and fatigue resilience was completely shot. My left knee creaked whilst my IT bands grew tighter and tighter as the run progressed, requiring an extensive session on the foam roller to iron them out.

Hopefully my running mojo will come back soon?

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

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