This week’s running – 7th to 13th of November 2016


Despite too much of this, all scheduled runs were completed!

Sorry for the late update – too much Netflix binging (American Horror Story and Black Mirror)…

16 mins LT pace, 4 mins recovery, 12 mins LT pace

For somebody that doesn’t like the intensity that hovers around tempo and threshold pace, this session became the fourth run at that range in only seven days (LT session, Parkrun, 10k race, LT session)!

Conditions were definitely worse than a week prior, with much lower temperatures and drizzly rain for company.

Disappointingly, I again wasn’t able to hit the target 6:21 per mile. On the bright side however, I was able to run for an additional 2 minutes longer for the first section, and a touch faster at 6:28 for both sections. Enjoyable it still wasn’t, though it was certainly more tolerable than before.

Here’s the Strava data for this session.

5 miles recovery

The leap back into regular training began to take its toll on me. All afternoon at work, I debated with myself internally about whether to take on the recovery run, or to have a complete rest day. Running won in the end, though at an ultra-easy 10:45 per mile pace.

Whilst out, I thought about the tragic news story of two Aldershot, Farnham & District AC girls being run down by a drunk driver. I make sure I’m lit up like a Christmas tree when I’m running in the dark, though what chance would I stand against a drunk behind the wheel? Awkwardly, we’re also approaching that festive period where more people are going to take a chance than usual and risk driving whilst having had a drink or two…

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

9 miles from work

Well, this run didn’t play out at all like I was expecting… Based on how dialled back the pace was on the previous day’s recovery run, I anticipated a likely similar approach to be needed whilst covering these 9 miles.

Turned out that even if I wanted to go faster, my legs simply didn’t want to turnover at a pace more than sub-9 minute miles. My heart and lungs weren’t stressed at all to sit quite happily at 63% of max as an average, and only peaked at 72% climbing a significant hill; it was definitely my legs that were the limiting factor!

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

Cannon Hill Parkrun

If somebody had deactivated my alarm before I woke on Saturday morning, I’d have quite happily just stayed in bed. I always feel particularly lethargic in the darker months; coupled with the training density increase, I seem to have been hit quite hard this year.

No real excitement for me, where I treated the 5k as yet another opportunity to get some half marathon paced running in without overtaxing myself. Conveniently, target half marathon pace is now equivalent to circa-20 minute 5k pace, resulting in a 19:50 finish. My Garmin liked what it saw and deemed me fit enough to return to a VO2max score of 61, too!

Here’s the Strava data for the run.

10 miles with 2 at half marathon pace

It really is good to have the canal towpath completely open once more, especially for anything that needs to be hit at a certain pace. And training at a faster pace is so much more enjoyable in borderline autumn-winter climes, isn’t it?

I did stress a little over what my 2 mile attempt at half marathon pace would look like. After all, my lactate threshold pace ambitions during the middle of the week still fell short by some 8 to 10 seconds… Thankfully, 6:32 and 6:22 miles came out the other side to be pretty much where I needed them to be. I guess that’s the tangible difference between running in the morning with daylight versus running in the evening, tired after work, and with a headtorch.

Welcome, but unexpected, was yet another VO2max bump to the new dizzy height of 62! A separate warm-down of 2 miles totted up to the prescribed 12 miles from the P&L schedule I’m following for a rather pleasant morning’s work.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.


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