This week’s running – 21st to 27th of November 2016


No t-shirts for 200 runs, sadly…

200 fewer lie-ins and 1000km later, I made it to 200 Parkruns!

Also managed to get this post out on time for once…

18 mins LT, 4 mins recovery, 12 mins LT

The menu originally called for 33 minutes at LT pace, broken down as 19 minutes at pace, with 4 minutes recovery, and then another 14 minutes at pace.

I talked myself down a notch, mainly because I wore the wrong shoes for such a pace-driven session. 19 minutes became 18 minutes and I left the second half alone with no change.

Progress is progress – I was able to run the first half of the session at exactly the same pace as 2 weeks prior (6:28 per mile), whilst covering an additional 2 minutes. I still don’t enjoy the training pace, but it’s positive that I’m at least going further without slowing down.

The second half of the session was unfortunately cut short, due to running out of canal towpath. Despite jogging back a few hundred metres during my recovery to reclaim some towpath, I was still short by some 300m or so before hitting an awkward set of steps and a bridge on to the other side of the canal. I called it a day at 12 minutes of LT pace, though definitely could have kept going for the full 14 minutes if given the opportunity.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

5 miles recovery

Whilst jogging through Cannon Hill Park, I once again came across the regular group of die-hard British Military Fitness attendees doing their thing in pitch black conditions. I’m always impressed by the turnout, where there’s always no fewer than 15 or so attendees; must be the power of camaraderie, knowing that others will be there.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

9 miles from work

Damn, was I tired on this run, and I had a 2 hour movie to catch at the cinema shortly after finishing up. Thankfully, I did remain awake!

This was the sort of run where I was hit by cold gusts of wind from every direction to really make things unpleasant and further wear me down.

I’ve been rather impressed this season by the precautions fellow-runners have taken by wearing reflective clothing and headtorches whilst on the canal. Everybody I saw on this run had one of the two, and often both!

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

Cannon Hill Parkrun

Well, who’da thunk it – I made it to 200x Parkruns! If somebody had said to me on Christmas Eve 2011 that I’d still be at it almost 5 years later, I’d have laughed in his or her face. Sadly, it’ll be another year or so before I join the hallowed 250 Club and gain another t-shirt…

Christmas shopping beckoned, so there was minimal hanging around at Cannon Hill. With a planned 13 miles with some half marathon pace injection in store for the following day, I kept things fairly conservative with just a sub-20 finish for the morning with no calamities. Here’s the Strava data for this run.

Cannon Hill Parkrun’s not on next week, so people will find the gang and me over at Perry Hall to sample their recently revised course, now featuring a lot less grass than before.

13 miles with 3 at half marathon pace

Man, this was a toughie. I was pretty tired going into the run and each step sent shockwaves through my delicate-feeling legs. The first half was almost exclusively into the wind, and when you’re of slight build like me without much muscle mass, each gust is noticeably felt; I’m like a Smart Car facing off against a Range Rover on the motorway!

My lack of luck continued when I launched into half marathon pace; the arch in my left foot tightened up akin to the closing stages of this year’s Brass Monkey Half Marathon and required that I switch to heel-striking. The common link? I wore Adidas Adios Boost 2s on both occasions. Goes to show that a shoe may get near-universal acclaim, but there will always be outliers that simply can’t get on with it. I was reasonably happy with splits of 6:34, 6:35 and 6:23, challenges considered.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

Training will temporarily shift to 10k focus for the next 2 weeks in a bid to sharpen up for the upcoming Telford race in mid-December.


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