This week’s (lack of) running – 16th to 22nd of January 2017


With Richard Gibbs and so, so cold… Photo by Geoff Hughes

Firmly on running hiatus for four weeks…

In it for the long haul

So, the first week of my self-imposed break from running went pretty smoothly. Thankfully, I’ve had enough to be preoccupied with to keep wall crawling at bay, for the moment.

My Achilles injury feels like it’s on the mend with each passing day. Walking and keeping the tendon warm definitely helps it to remain loose and supple; I’ve also begun strengthening calf raise exercises to prevent it getting any weaker.

In an attempt to not become a complete couch potato, I’ve also restarted my own press-up and sit-up challenge from mid-2015. At my peak, I was able to complete 100x press-ups to exhaustion, with sit-ups coming in at around 85x or 86x from memory. After a long lay-off, I can currently do 4x sets of 10 of each… I’ve got some work to do!

Cannon Hill Parkrun

After last week’s cancellation due to ice on the course, things looked dicey once more with a chance of another called off event. After a thorough check of the route, all was right with the world again and it was business as usual, but with the caveat for everybody to take it easy (the leaders still finished in 17 minutes or so, making it look effortless!)

Richard Gibbs and I were positioned by the final hill, allowing for a good old natter – Richard’s actually one of the first faces from Cannon Hill that I befriended when I began regularly attending each week several years ago.

I made the mistake of not wearing gloves – even clapping runners on did nothing. Making matters worse was the free can of Redbull that was given out as a promotional freebie… Lesson learned for the next volunteering occasion!


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