This week’s (lack of) running – 23rd to 29th of January 2017


Now on three weeks and counting…

Another week of non-running; worryingly, it’s starting to feel like the norm…

Injury update

Favourably, my Achilles continues to feel better and perceivably heal. Motion range is also very good. I am sadly beginning to notice muscle atrophy in my legs, especially in my calves, from the lack of training. That return to running is going to be difficult…

A new colleague of mine, who happens to be a Birchfield Harrier hurdler and fellow non-drinker, traded a few injury stories with me – he himself having snapped his Achilles clean last summer. He has made an encouraging full recovery without surgery, so there’s hope for me yet!

Cannon Hill Parkrun

With all this time off from running, I put myself back to good use by volunteering at Cannon Hill again, and will do so for the next two weeks as well before I attempt to ease myself back into training. Looks like I’ll get that purple volunteer t-shirt well before originally projected!

Geoff placed me on the little bridge, which just so happens to be my favourite marshalling spot on the course. It affords plenty of action and I certainly feel like I’ve made a positive contribution afterwards – eyes in the back of my head are always useful!


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