This week’s (lack of) running – 30th of January to 5th of February 2017


Plenty of this means I’m finally back on the mend!

Better late than never, right?

Another week on the injury bench, but things are on the up!

Injury update

Recovery remains positive, and I’m beginning to feel like the calf strengthening exercises are really coming together now. Justin, the Birchfield Harrier I’ve recently befriended at work, gave me a spare theraband of his, so I’ve even been able to sneak in some additional work whilst I’ve been sat watching TV!

Massaging the tendon to keep it warm and to break down any scar tissue also appears to be coming good; the injury site is much, much smoother to the touch when I run my fingers over it, compared to a few weeks ago.

Towards the end of next week, I’m going to embark some short and easy runs to ease myself back in. Wish me luck!

Cannon Hill Parkrun

I’ve been commuting to the park with fellow-volunteer, Liz Dexter, for the last couple of weeks (welcome to this blog), which has been rather fun. Volunteering more often than she runs, Liz is a fine example of how Cannon Hill functions with its large pool of potential volunteers being reluctant to come forward. For regular runners, three times a year is the expectation. There have been many theories of why Cannon Hill struggles to get people together more than other events; my personal belief is that with such a large event, many simply believe that somebody else will step in and take care of it, whereas with a much smaller event, it’s plainly evident what sort of direct impact a lack of volunteers will have.

As in previous weeks, I was positioned towards the small bridge and asked for people to keep right, only for plenty of runners to moments later begin straying left again! I suppose if the course and runners were self-marshalling, I’d be out of a role…

I’ll be volunteering again later this week, so I’ll see some of you out on the course once again.


One thought on “This week’s (lack of) running – 30th of January to 5th of February 2017

  1. Thanks for the mention, though I’m rather glad that I missed a very chilly parkrun today (I’ll be doing junior parkrun tomorrow before my own long run). I do try to encourage other runners to volunteer and have been fairly successful in that; I also love that when I DO run parkrun, I get to wave at all my volunteer pals!

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