This week’s running – 20th to 26th of February 2017


Know just how you feel, buddy…

Boo! Work got in the way of planned runs…

Also, apologies for the late update – work getting in the way of blogging, too.

Still not back to running regularity

I think the last time I completed something resembling a normal week of training was mid-December, which now feels like a lifetime ago.

I had planned to cover 5 easy km on Tuesday and Thursday, but work being crazy-mad for an exhibition I’m attending meant neither my mind nor body was willing.

On the plus side, I continue to experience no pain from my Achilles and strength is gradually returning.

Cannon Hill Parkrun

I woke to blustery conditions on Saturday, making me reconsider my approach to the morning’s 5k. I felt like there was room for improvement on the previous week’s 22:04, concluding that it was more down to familiarity than physiology that dictated the pace. The two reasons on paper probably balanced each other out, and with Simon wanting another easier week meant 22 minutes at approx. 4:25 per km looked about right.

The course config had us running straight into the wind for long, unavoidable stretches. As anticipated, I did feel like I was working harder, though producing a similar pace to the previous week.

This may also be just perception, but I also feel like my cadence has dropped a touch in exchange for a slightly longer stride. My glutes were fully activated and allowed for what appeared to be a more powerful running gait.

With around 1km remaining, my lungs hadn’t yet given up on me and I was fully warmed up. Throwing in a few surges allowed me to charge on ahead and allowed me nab a 21:36 finish – almost 30 seconds faster than the week prior, which enjoyed more favourable conditions. I’m away in Germany this week, but the ambition is to have one eye on trying to dip back into 20:XX territory sometime later this month.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

5 miles – to Cannon Hill Park and back

This was my longest run for 6 weeks, and boy did it feel like that!

My original plan was to cover 10k, courtesy of the distance from home to Cannon Hill Park with two laps of the outer perimeter, and then back for home. The reality was the long stretches straight into ferocious headwind proved a bit too much, so a single lap was enough.

Remaining positive, it was still 2 miles further than the previous longest run of 5km.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

I’m still in no rush to get back to peak shape. So long as I’m in half decent form by May to begin my marathon campaign for October’s Yorkshire Marathon, the early stages of the P&D training schedule should give me a welcome boost.


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