This week’s running – 27th of February to 12th of March 2017


Whoop! 10 miles covered for the longest run in 2 months!

Running regularity has still not resumed, with work getting in the way…

Still not much running

So, yeah. Outside of a few sporadic runs here and there, I’m still not completely back on it, but will be soon enough. The main culprits are work (a very important trade show for the business, in Germany) and simply having no specific focus or event to train for. I’m not beating myself up over it; I’ve simply come to accept that I’ve been able to healthily sidestep from running for several months with no deterioration to mental or physical well-being.

And whilst we’re talking about physical well-being, let’s take a look at my Achilles tendon’s state of health. Any signs of the injury site have now pretty much disappeared. The tendon is practically smooth to the touch, and can be pinched, prodded, stretched and compressed with no pain at all. Happy days!

So, without further ado, let’s move on to the runs I actually did embark on…

5k fartlek

This one stung! With so little run volume in my legs, I decided to ramp things up a few notches and maximise the little training time I had at my disposal during those busy weeks leading up to my work exhibition.

Over 5k, I played it casual and loose for when I would speed up, and for how long. Sometimes, it was dictated by lamppost placement; other times, it was the length of a street and so on.

The ambition was to reintroduce intensity that has been sorely missed for such a long time. Others will differ from me, but I usually feel at my fittest when I’m able to handle and feel controlled at pace; out and out endurance is always secondary.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

5k progressive

Much akin to the run above, this one was about turning the intensity screw in a progressive manner. As before, I felt like I was firing on all cylinders in relative terms.

I’ve said previously that the extended break seems to have had somewhat of a reset effect on my form, with my stride perceptively feeling longer at the expense of my historically high cadence dropping slightly. I am entirely welcoming of this unexpected development and will continue to observe it with great interest!

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

Winter is coming… And has gone

One other welcome benefit of being laid off with injury and recovery for so long is I appear to have missed the entirety of winter!

I was joking with somebody recently that I’d stocked up on long-sleeve tops from various races and invested in another pair of tights, but have hardly worn any of them. My headtorch has also barely been used.

Cannon Hill Parkrun

This was Dave’s 100th run, which really should have taken place weeks ago, but various things conspired against it. This was also Iain’s return to Parkrun, after only having run previously at Cannon Hill the day before Lis and I got married, and also at Singapore’s event for some extreme tourism. Oh, and Lis volunteered as a marshal, with Elsa in unofficial tow, to add to the unconventionality of the morning.

I wanted to put my theory to the test – where I perceive my pace to not have nosedived nearly as much as initially believed. The ambition was to attempt to get under 20 minutes, or at least as close as possible.

Heading out at 3:56 per km pace, this was exactly where I wanted to be to factor in a slight buffer for later. Unexpectedly, I was able to churn out km after km at pretty much 3:56 for each split! Gear shifting was even possible; slowing slightly to bide my time and speeding up to join a group or to seek shelter from the wind.

Ultimately, I finished in 19:35, which I’m absolutely stoked with. Weeks ago, I felt 20:30 would take several weeks to build back up to!

Celebrating Dave’s 100th run, we ended up having the largest post-run coffee-gang meeting, comprising of no fewer than 11 people. Thanks for the coffees, Dave!

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

10 miles – to The Vale and back

On a morning as pleasant as Sunday, it would have been simply rude to not head out. Continuing with the previous day’s theme of pressing on – this time, distance-wise – 10 miles was on the menu.

What’s important to remember is prior to this particular run, the furthest I had covered since my injury-imposed break was a little over 5 miles…

I need not have worried at all; whilst expectedly a little aerobically challenged, the miles ticked by thanks to the joy of being back at home in familiar surroundings, bumping into familiar faces (Carl Stainton, Harry Fowler and Liz Dexter).

Typing up this entry, tiredness invaded, which is no surprise, but I’m entirely pleased I went out for 10 miles. This paves the way for my return to training regularity in a bid to not embarrass myself at upcoming 10k races.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.


3 thoughts on “This week’s running – 27th of February to 12th of March 2017

  1. It was great to see you at parkrun and then when I was finishing my own 10-miler, you were looking good and strong. As a Voice Of Reason I’d suggest not ramping up the distance per week much more than this for a bit and also having a rest week say the week after next to let those muscles and tendons heal and strengthen …

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