This week’s running – 13th to 19th of March 2017


Running of a different kind…

An unusual week, culminating with running from the undead and on a treadmill run of all things…

5k fartlek

As somebody that likes structure, the fartlek run would normally fill me with fear. “Make it up as I go along?!” As somebody that’s making a return to prime time training, the fartlek run is actually perfectly suited. If I crash and burn by going out too hard, then so be it; if I’ve still got some welly left after halfway, then I simply press on a little more.

Completing these runs in 30 minutes or less continue to be refreshing – something I’ll savour until the marathon training plan kicks in again sometime in May.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

10k – to Cannon Hill Park and back

This route defeated me several weeks ago, so it was incredibly satisfying to complete it and not feel beaten up.

Everything seemed to click into place; my form felt tall and strong, my heart rate was controlled, and the pace felt swift for the effort (mostly). Having not run at all in the dark since December, it was notable how much harder things felt again once I got beyond dusk or twilight on Thursday evening.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

Treadmill 5k

On Saturday, I attended a stag-do I co-organised that featured a zombie apocalypse-style activity (airsoft with actors in zombie costumes). For practicality, I opted to wear running gear underneath the supplied overalls for sweat and temperature management; I had to smile when a fellow runner in the group had exactly the same idea, with no prompting from me – great minds think alike, no?

So, what’s the relevance of this, I can already imagine you asking?

Well, the hotel we all stayed at had a very good health and fitness offering, featuring a pool, a large gym and a hard floor court for basketball, badminton etc. Being an almost exclusive non-drinker, even the low amount of booze I’d consumed by everybody else’s standards was enough to wake me early on Sunday morning. “I’m surprised you haven’t already been out for a run,” my room-mate shared. “Wasn’t planning to, given the weekend’s activities,” came my response. Almost urging me on was this final seed of an idea, “There’s the Manchester canal below us, or the gym downstairs.” I had my running gear from Saturday’s activity, so why not?

Not having set foot on a treadmill in over 18 months, some re-familiarising was needed – it took a few minutes to work out whether the distance being recorded was metric or imperial! I’d also forgotten how warm it can get running on a treadmill, even in a well air-conditioned room – with no fan to replicate the natural airflow of running outdoors, I was sweating profusely whilst only running at a pace that was no challenge at all. The boredom of running on a treadmill also needs to be mentioned; never has 27 minutes of running been so mind-numbing! Whilst I had the time available to cover 10k, I grew increasingly antsy to step off the moving belt from 3km onwards to limit myself to 5k only.

As with most runs, it’s rare that I ever regret having run versus not running. It helped clear my head as well as relieving me of some of the guilt of a pretty indulgent few days!

Here’s the Strava data for this run.



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