This week’s running – 20th to 26th of March 2017



Know just how you feel!

The previous week’s stag-do hit me harder than I thought to result in yet another incomplete week of training…

General malaise and feeling out of it

I’m a lightweight when it comes to drinking (almost exclusively teetotal) and I’m a lightweight when it comes to sleep. Saturday night/Sunday morning’s stag-do shenanigans from the previous week ensured I was suitably sleep deprived, netting only 3 crappy hours to leave me feeling pretty rotten for the days that followed – God help me when/if I become a parent…

Tuesday and Thursday hit me hardest, with low-level cold-like symptoms and lethargy. Wednesday was really the only day where I felt like I could handle a run, so I made the most of the already narrow window of time available to me, which leads us neatly on to…

5k fartlek

I’m really digging the 5k fartleks of late. Short enough to be back at home within 25 minutes, and taxing enough to keep the system ticking over, if not eliciting some small gains from my current low volume situation.

I am aware that at some stage, soon, I do really need to pull my finger out and stop accepting this as being satisfactory…

Here’s there Strava data for this run.

Cannon Hill parkrun

After the 19:35 from two weeks ago, I quite fancied stretching myself a little more. Lis volunteered as a marshal again, setting herself the soft-goal of attaining a 25 volunteer t-shirt.

My warm-up jog to the park was a touch too exuberant and I feared I’d left it all out there before even toeing up on the start line. In reality, this was anything but! Due to how amped up I felt from the fast warm-up and strides beforehand, I charged off with my Garmin registering sub-6:00 mile pace a few times during the opening km! For comparison, that’s basically PB pace for me over 5k…

In the past, I’ve read interesting pieces about “crash and burn” workouts, where the uncertainty and anxiety from not knowing the outcome when at your limit can prove to be a useful training aid. Well, I was certainly crashing and burning, with my splits looking somewhat ghastly:

  1. 3:47
  2. 3:54
  3. 4:01
  4. 4:00
  5. 3:42

That final split is a bit of a red herring, due to it measuring shorter than normal. I still finished in 19:23, which is my fastest 5k since early January; with tighter pacing, I’m pretty certain I would have hit 19:15 or so.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

12 miles – to Brindley Place and back

This was supposed to be my inaugural visit to Great Run Local’s 5k event at The Vale, near the University of Birmingham. It was to be called The Great Run Local sandwich, with the plan to gently jog to that part of the campus along the canal for approximately 5 miles, run the 5k distance, and then jog back home for something in the region of 13 miles.

After getting everything prepared in the days preceding, such as finding my registered RF wristband and studying the route layout, the event was sadly cancelled beforehand due to lack of available first aiders in attendance. Dave and I reasoned that majority, if not all, of the volunteers for the event must be students to coincide with the end of term exodus. My calendar’s pretty full until the end of April, so Great Run Local will have to wait a little while longer – expect a full debrief of my experience, along with how it compares to parkrun.

Rather than deviate from plan too much, I headed out towards Brindley Place for almost 13 miles. As commented on previously, I found my legs constantly wanted to go faster – such is how fresh I felt, even factoring in the 5k sufferfest only 24 hours prior. First run of the year in sunglasses, too!

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

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