This week’s running -22nd to 28th of May 2017


Tomfoolery with Simon at Cannon Hill parkrun…

Week 3 of the 22 week marathon schedule. Apologies for the later than usual post – Lis and I have been away in Cornwall, which will make for a more interesting read for the next entry.

5k recovery

Due to schedules not coming together, Lis did not join me for the normal Monday 5k recovery jog. Even at a gentle pace, it was clear the amped up temperature was taking its toll and bringing me out in a sweat… It’s going to be a long, old summer, isn’t it?

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

9 miles with 4 at marathon pace

I dreaded this planned run, really I did. With the heat jacked right up and four miles at marathon pace to contend with, I knew it was going to be a rough ride with the splits reflecting as much, where only the final mile on target:

  1. 7:04
  2. 6:59
  3. 6:55
  4. 6:48

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

5 mile run-commute

Running through Cannon Hill Park at the height of winter and summer makes for some pretty stark contrasts. In the winter, I’m led entirely by the light of my headtorch and only occasionally spot the odd other soul. In the summer, I’m assaulted by harsh sunlight and fighting my way through throngs of other park users.

This run-commute was the first time this year where I was able to change at the office and hop on a Metro straight into the city centre, leaving almost all of my work gear behind. I am still carrying a bag on my back, and even at a slow pace, sweat is still collecting on my back for an unpleasantly warm time of it all.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

10 miles from work

Much like the previous day in Cannon Hill Park, the good weather brought a noticeable uplift in canal towpath users to accompany me on my run back home.

I fully acknowledge it’s a shared space and treat it as such. I run on the left of the path, following normal UK road traffic rules so that cyclists pass me on the right. The problems creep in when people have other plans, such as walking three abreast on the towpath, or racing me into the tunnel, only to then bumble their way through. The worst offender on this run was a cyclist that decided to turn to speak to his companion rather than keep his eyes looking ahead; he unpredictably weaved all over the towpath, leaving me little room to negotiate around him, so I clapped loudly to grab his attention and yelled, “Oi! Watch it!” In exchange, I received a glare as if I dared to question his cycling ability or spacial awareness! Grumble over…

The onslaught of warmth continued and the first few miles were a real slog. I was tired from work and tired from a lack of sleep due to said warmth. Unexpectedly, even with only a modest reduction in pace, my heart rate sat lower than I would have pegged it to show positive adaptations are starting to creep in.

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

Cannon Hill parkrun

Gah. Humidity struck to make this a pretty challenging run.

Drawing my curtains, a grey and damp morning greeted me, which was actually quite welcome after the onslaught of warmth. Problem was the weather decided to perk up again once I hit the park, with the sun coming out to dry everything up, leaving ghastly, humidity behind.

Adding to the challenging conditions was how tired my legs felt. The last couple of weeks have been pretty full on to leave my legs without a certain snap, crackle and pop. This was quite readily apparent when I struggled to maintain the same pace for the awkward middle splits, which were both 5 or 6 seconds slower than the opening km.

At the end of the sweat-fest, all I had was 19:34 to show for my troubles. I did at least drag one guy along to a PB, though recommended he lose the compression vest and tights he wore underneath his vest and shorts for an almost guaranteed PB on the next occasion under such warm temperatures!

Here’s the Strava data for this run.

The road to the Yorkshire Marathon II

There was no long run as part of this particular week, instead opting to cover it whilst I’d be in Cornwall for a change of scenery from the Birmingham canal towpaths. As commented on earlier, the last couple of weeks have been taking their toll, so having a Sunday with no run planned made for quite a refreshing change, even if it was only deferred for just one day.



Feeling hot, hot, hot

I went out for a tempo session earlier instead of my usual intervals. I feel absolutely shattered at the moment due to PBing in 3/4 recent Parkruns and also racing the Aldridge 10k recently.

Today’s run was so hot and humid outside and none of my sweat seemed to be evaporating to cool me down. Running in the heat is not something most Brits are familiar with and it’s amazing how each additional degree increase can have such a detrimental impact on performance.

I’m trying to have a mini taper of sorts because I have the Caerphilly 10k lined up this Sunday. It’s the inaugural event so anything and everything could go horribly wrong. I mapped out the course via the awesome MapMyRun site and it looks like a fairly gentle route. I’m confident I should be able to PB so long as the weather conditions are favourable.